Saturday, September 11, 2010

Anyone Still Out There?

I know, its been a long time. I'm seven months pregnant now and super busy. I've had this plan of creating a very special freebie for everyone. I started it... don't know when I'll be done.

I just wanted to take a minute to stop by and say hi. I hope you all had a great summer. Personally, I'm happy fall is here! It was way too hot and humid.

Out of curiosity... are any of you homeschoolers?


Amber said...

Hi Eva! I'm still around, but not scrapping much since I'm just a few weeks away from having my baby girl Hope you are doing well with your pregnancy!! I don't homeschool, at least not yet, since my son is only 2. Just wanted to say Hi!! Hope to hear from you again soon.


Porkchops Mom said...

Happy to hear you are all well, how are you feeling? Can't wait to hear the news. take care!!!

Ma Altoastral said...

hi and welcome back! =)
Nice blog