Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's Two Dollar Tuesday at The Digi Chick!

That's right- every Tuesday is Two Dollar Tuesday at TDC. All of the designers pick products to offer at a discount for the day. It's a great way to try out new designers or finally treat yourself to that kit you've been eyeing out for some time. You can see all the items here.

Gypsy Couture is offering Sweet Imagination for $2 today. This kit is beautiful and huge! It's normally $6, so this really is a great deal.

If you recall, I used it for this layout. I'm working out a second layout... in my head, I'll post once I have it done.

Dani is offering Lucky Day and Together All The Way.

I've never worked with Together All The Way, but I have worked with Lucky Day and I can tell you that the colors are perfect for Father's Day. This is the layout I made when the kit was first released, earlier this year. (I also used Pri Rocha's Blocking Templates in this layout.)

Are you familiar with Kelley Mickus? She is also at TDC and is one of my favorite designers! She creates beautiful papers and I love her Earthy color schemes. I have all of her latest kits... except for her newest one - Chance of Rain. Well, she is offering it today for $2! Just my luck, I promised my husband I wouldn't spend any money this week since we are traveling out of state tomorrow. What's a girl to do?! Well, this is your lucky day. If you've never tried her out, I encourage you to purchase this kit.

Happy Scrapping!


Jamie said...

Hi Eva! :) Very cute layouts! Thank you for letting me know about these kits. They are so cute!

I nominated you for an award.
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Adriana said...

I just gave you a blog award! Check it out on my blog! You're a super talented girl!

Ányi said...

Hi Eva, I just coming to you to give away the award, too :-)